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#335473 - He had already killed countless people as Logan and his cronies, his vengeance had been justified, his parents were the only ties Adrian had to his old life, and with his wealth and intelligence, he didn't have to worry about surviving. Standing in the motel office, Adrian and Jenny were about to pay for their night, but as Adrian pulled out the money, the owner looked to a TV in the corner of the room on a shelf. She would often place her hands on his cheeks with a look of tender love on her face, and he would reply by gently kissing her wrists.

Read Monster 【周日连载】双妻生活(作者:skyso) 第1~30话 18 Year Old 【周日连载】双妻生活(作者:skyso) 第1~30话

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Noemi itou
Me recuerda tanto a mi expareja que bien me la mamaba en el autobus de camino a casa uff k recuerdos