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#379453 - Well anyways so when I get back dad and Monica are there as expected, she’s as lovely as he says and her tits are even bigger than he says. I had at one time three guys fucking me in every hole and your father was over in a chair watching us and then he came over and after they left he licked almost every drop including the cum in my ass out of me, I came so hard I actually passed out from it. They took their shower and I knew dad was fucking her in there, she said they both love doing it in there and so I still waited, soon the shower turned off and that was my signal to wait five more minutes and then come into the room nude and wait to see what was going to happen next.

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Yuuko nishi
Fuck me baby
Yui kasuga
I would cum in 5 seconds if you did that to me hehe
Oh that must be hurt when pulling out