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#165614 - the first time i met susan was 2 months after i started dating lisa i was really nervous but i knew certain things like susan was divorced lisas father opting for a much younger version what i didnt know and was not expecting was that susan was the sexiest women i have ever met and from the first moment i wanted her. when she finshed she made me go to the bathroom get in the bath boy she said so i did then she stood above me get ready lover boy here comes your punishment what too late she started pissing all over me open your mouth ad drink my piss you fucker i must admit it was a fucking wonderful sight and i let my mouth move to her and started drinking her piss it tasted so nice i wanted more but she was slowing down next thing she started to have a shit and it started to come out her ass all covered in my come and fell next to my cock lick my ass clean what i said you heard boy eat my ass now and clean all that shit from round it so i did at first it tasted horrible but then

Read Black Rito-san no Harem Seikatsu 3 - To love-ru Punished Rito-san no Harem Seikatsu 3

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