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#144771 - That was what we did to one another individually we were satisfied A change was needed in time So we rounded off a sixty nine Fucking you backwards in your mouth my tounge deep in your hole together we started a momentum ragging and gagging in surround I mouthted you in your cunt occatonally licking your ass's delight you pulled hard on my cock with a grip never letting a move away from your lips I fucked you with my mouth till no more You sucked my cock without a flaw When finally you shuddered aloud I knew my cum shot down your throat. I returned the favour and parted those lips the ones they call a pussy dip a smell I cannot tell you of sweet and sour, but lovely of hue I sucked your clit with all my might you shuddered your body in delight parting those lips with my tounge your juices flowed, mingled in fun Just then I felt you shudder I increased in pace Till you shouted I've Come I knew you won the race.

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Karan uminagi
Luna star i think
Ruri gokou
Oh ja es war einfach nur geil