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#110985 - l have a fetish for creampie picture's and want to add this moment to our collection. at this point you push me away from you hard grabbing my shoulders and push me down on the ground sitting on top of me grinding your crotch into my now hard cock, but our trousers are obstructing the feelings you reach down and slowly pull the zip down all the time looking into my eyes as if to say don't fucking move. So I sit down on the kerb and just chill out and wait, after a couple of minutes you come out the house Fuckin hell I stare at you, you look amazing in your leather jeans and a Plunging black vest top that shows off your breasts you've got a new hairstyle and look stunning, My cock jumps to attention you smile and we cuddle one another and have a quick Snog.

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Yoko ritona
Sexy girl
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