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#97913 - As we head back to the castle its late at night we get settled into the master bed room I turn around and Vanessa is completely naked she bends over the bed and looks over her shoulder tonight you get to fuck my pussy so get undressed and lets make a child, don't have to tell me twice as I drop my pants I take my raging cock in my hand and shove it balls deep into her pussy and start Fucking her when all of a sudden Luna enters the bedroom im sorry to interfere my king, its not a problem what do you want I tell her as I continue Fucking Vanessa like the room is empty, do you know what an adviser actually does, no why what are you not telling me, well when the queen is away or busy with something Part of my job is to help you sexually as well as politically also with the military, one minute mom as I grab my wife's waist I start pounding her harder and harder till i cum in her pussy so its your job to help me sexually as well, yes my king, good clean my cock as I pull out of

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