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#81920 - A low moan gurgled in Melanie's throat, which brought a light chuckle from Nan and the comment, Like that do you, well how do you like this, as she dropped a hand to Melanie's drooling pussy and stuck a finger in her gaping hole?!? Melanie gasped when the digit connected with her clit, causing her to grab onto Nan's shoulder for support as her legs grew a little rubbery! Melanie hadn't uttered a single word, not counting her loud panting, until she begged, Please, Nan, suck my tits, let me nurse you, please!!! Melanie took one of her large breasts into her hand and lifted it towards Nan's face, offering a nipple to her hungry mouth while gasping, God, you're a good tit sucker, while the young girl worked over her nipple like there was no tomorrow! The combination of mouth on nipple and finger in cunt was too much for Melanie to bear, and her cunt contracted hard several times, inducing a numbing climax to flow through her trembling body! As her legs

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