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#27912 - Then the bell rang, and the lesson was over, James sat there, waiting for Laura to stand up, as she did, he started at her arse, and slowly stood up, as she walked out the room he, followed her, she walked out the college doors and towards the entrance gate, James followed her from a distance, staring at her, she turned left at the gate, as James knew she would he began to walk faster, and he put his hand in his pocket, and clasped the knife he had put there, he walked faster and faster, until Laura walked past his car, and then he pulled out the knife and ran to the back of Laura, and put the knife next to her throat, she scrammed, and he pulled her tight, “No, no, Laura, you must be quite baby, if you don’t want to get hurt. Laura was 18, she went to college three days a week to study History. When he got back to his room he placed rope on his bed, and slid of his jeans, he stroked his cock, thinking about what was to come.

Read Gay Sex Megane de H de Konamaiki! Gostosa Megane de H de Konamaiki!

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Not sure who the mom is but the daughter is rosalyn sphinx
Young dumb and outta control she gonna look back at this in 10years and think to herself like wtf was i thinking
I love this hentai nice i love you bb