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#239921 - Todd withdraws and gently nudges against my puckered lil asshole, he slowly pushes forward as my ass open to allow him inside, back and forth slowly he rocks as I try to relax, he nudges deeper an deeper til finally he's buried within me the intensity of his size overwhelms me it hurts, it feels so good but it hurts I try to rock forward but im still face down in dannys lap with his giant cock in my mouth, as Todd begins to pump away, Danny leans down lifts me up onto his erect cock, it slides so easily into my slippery wet cunt this time, a few good thrusts, and now darry lines up my ass, im not ready for this my ass hasnt stretched enough, he edges in anyway, my head is ripped around as Todd shoves his cock into my mouth, he's just pulled it out my ass an now its deep down my throat, together they pump away mercilessly assaulting my holes danny up my pussy, darryl in my ass todd in my mouth, Matt still grabbing at me his cock slowly hardening, Josh steps up next to Todd his cock ha

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Slowly building it up to the craziest stuff
Lovely lolly
Hata no kokoro
Mmm so amazingly sexy