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#247280 - I crept into her room knowing that she was a light sleeper and set my duffel bag besides her bed and quickly brought out her blindfold and softly secured it round her head making sure there was no way it would fall off, I quickly took her hands and tied them on her bed post. She wanked me for twenty five minutes until I felt myself ready to cum, I pulled her head forward and she gasped in surprise giving me the impunity to cum down her throat she gagged it all up is I pushed her head down and shouted “Lick it up!” she didn’t so I took the rope again and whipped across the back she screamed so I did it again, and again and again, I whipped her twelve times until she finally did it. I slowly moved it aside and began admiring her beautiful body, her best were massive, I quickly began to stroke them plotting evil things to do to her body as soon as she was ready for me break, I am definitely piercing her nipples.

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Mystia lorelei
Damn who is the guy in this big ass dick
Thank you sweety