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#188161 - I said “I am sorry, I did not mean to leave you alone as of a sudden, but this had to be done” he did not say anything, I wasn’t looking his direction and I felt I lost track of him, thinking he went back to the living room, as of a sudden, he was right behind me, I almost felt his breath with his head very close to mines, he held me close from the back, gluing his body to mine, I tried to get lose and get away from him, but he was much taller and stronger than me of course. I realized I was setting too comfortable forgetting I did not have any panties on, so I guess my bare pussy was flashed to him unintentionally of course. The older man was talking to me but I noticed him getting a bet nervous and sweating, words not so clear from him, I asked him “have you been drinking before you got here uncle?” “Just a couple of drinks” he said, then somehow, I felt he was hiding something from me, finally, I realized the older man was getting a hard on, that he had a problem hiding from me.

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