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#325693 - I certainly wasn't about to argue with that & lay back as she took an ice cube between her lips & rolled it around her tongue while leaning over to set a cool kiss on the head of my hardening cock. Alternating now between her arse & cunt with my tongue it felt like I was beginning to drown in her love juices & the humid atmosphere; struggling for breath I pushed on her right hip, but the horny bitch only pushed back down to trap my tongue deep inside her pussy as she poured herself down my throat, trapping my head tightly between her thighs to smother me completely in her gushing crack. I've always thought you're a sexy lady & Gary was lucky to have you, but if he's dumb enough to play away that's his problem! She's a skinny little slut an' all she spat, Elaine told me she'd seen 'em together at 'The Mill' (a pub) & she was all over him like a rash.

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