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#366730 - The hefty sack glistened with the humans saliva in the flickering light as her small delicate hands continued to stroke the shaft, the Ulani’s hand pulled eagerly on the human, a little too hard, causing the girl to gasp out in surprised pain. The contact drove the Ulani on, her head tilting as she pulled the helpless human girl into an embrace, kissing her. Leanne closed her eyes and parted her lips as she start to press down, she expected the cockhead to slip easily into her mouth but the thick, steely organ was too large around for such ease, she whimpered gently as she pressed down, soft hands squeezing the cock as she finally rolled her lips over the swell of the cockhead, taking the sensitive, smooth tip into her mouth, her lips resting just below the edge of the crown.

Read Pattaya [skyzen] 寄生虫系列 [English] [xinsu] pg. 1-174, 196-268 - Original Gay Studs 寄生虫系列pg. 1268

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