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#60478 - Cindy was in far worse shape that Donna, because it had been almost three years since she had even touched a hard pecker! Tell me again, Donna, Cindy begged, how did he taste, was he big, did he shoot a big load for you!!! Donna laughed a mischievous giggle, and replied, Good, very, and huge!!! Oh, god, moaned Cindy, I'm so fucking hot right now I could just die!!! Even though the lights were still on, Cindy shoved down her panties and began rubbing her dripping slit with utter abandon, while Donna looked on helplessly as her cell mate frigged her erect clit to a earth shaking orgasm! Jesus Christ, muttered Cindy wh?ile trying to catch her breath, I can't wait til next week!!! Lights out, yelled a guard, and all over the cell block darkness fell in spurts and dashes as inmates extinguished their lamps. Occasionally stopping to make sure that a door was indeed locked, he moved quietly through corridor, until he came to cell 213. Rubbing the head up and down t

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