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#385901 - ” The sales clerk replied, “So I’m assuming by those painfully practical shoes you’re wearing, and the horribly sensible skirt and blouse…well…white cotton panties?” Gayle was so embarrassed couldn’t even speak so she just nodded slowly as she blushed wildly, “Mmmm, and that’s all you own…. She leaned into Victor, resting her small head on his thick shoulder and cooing out a quiet moan of contentment as he carried her across the large opulent room and into the just as large and just as opulent bedroom, pausing next to the unbelievably large bed and gently laying her on the incredibly soft down comforter. She looked up into his ice-cold blue eyes, seeing nothing but warmth and genuine concern, as he began speaking softly, “Gayle, what are you talking about?” “Wha…how…” Gayle stammered, shaking her head slightly, trying to break the spell looking into his eyes had seemingly woven around her mind; she couldn’t seem to think clearly or remember why she was upset, all she could focus o

Read Stripping Dochira no Boku to H ga Shitai - Fate grand order Leaked Dochira no Boku to H ga Shitai

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