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#277070 - As I approach my turn at the deep-end and pass him again, he’s sitting with his legs stretched out in front and his feet almost at the pool’s edge, his hands resting in his lap; over that bulge of blue nylon. As I make my turn and come back past him, I can’t help smiling to myself at the subconscious implications and I quietly chide myself for wondering if he has masturbated this morning yet. Quickly I moisten my fingers with some of the copious dribble and juices now running down my chin and I return to that sweet spot between his buttocks, gently inserting the tip of my finger into that tightly-closed entrance.

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Yosuke hanamura
This is next level mile high club
Mana aida
Itsuki myoudouin
Fucking right
Kei tsukishima
Anyone know her name pls