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#214099 - Shuffling off the edge of the chair and onto the floor, I barked “Right – YOU” (indicating my little-fuck-whore, the youngster Gemma) “get my cock inside you NOW … and YOU – sit on my face – DO IT NOW” Both girls immediately complied, and within seconds I had my tongue buried deep up Ellies’ heavenly-tasting pussy with all light blocked out by her little pleated school-uniform skirt, whilst feeling the vice-like tightness of Gemma clamping around me below. Both girls humped themselves up and down ontop of me only for a minute or so, until the combined feeling became too much for my self-control and I jetted my load of spunk up into Gemmas’ tight little pussy, the same moment as my mouth filled with the gushing juices of Ellies orgasm. “I don’t know WHAT has got into my girls recently … they won’t do ANYTHING I ask them … AND I think Gemma’s being bullied at school – her back’s all cut up and she won’t tell me how it happened!” With that she burst into tears; so I ushered her

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