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#19049 - i was so happy it was the weekend becuase i didnt have to think about harvey or kyle for a hole 2 days on saturday me and my best friend britney went to the spar and to my shock and horror kyle was there. harvey had hardly finished closing the door when he was kissing me he took me by my hand and lead me into his bedroom we started kissing again and i only just noticed he was topless he said to me see somethink you like harvey had a better six pack than me i smiled and harvey asked me how do you keep your teeth so white becuase everytime i see you are smoking or drinking a starbucks i told him i have my teeth whitened once a month harvey started kissing me again and i fell to the floor and harvey feel ontop of me he ripped open my t-shirt and i shouted this is gucci but he didnt care he started kissing me again and i felt his nice bubble butt he undid my pants and was a little disappointed that i was wearing boxer shorts he took my pants off and i undid his to my shock he wasn

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