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#228406 - i made it to English just on time took my regular seat next to the window , the class was well into ten minutes Nathan and his friend Robby walked in Robby took the seat next to the door and the only seat that was available was the one next to me 'oh shit i thought , this guy hates my guts and he had to sit next to me he sat and didn’t really look at me . Let me know what you Think , i'll write part 2 if you guys like it . he sat down at my desk and opened the text book lets get this over with he said i sat down next to him i could smell him he smelled good like fresh dove soap and axe spray can i ask you a question i said he didn’t look at me what? why do you hate me i said he stopped typing i don’t hate you Barett he then looked at me not with hateful eyes but as another human being , he became attractive to me i envy you he said what? why i was confused why would a hot rich guy envy me you have a family that cares about you , who comes to

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