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#255083 - Who put you in here and why? Jessica asked, My father, It's my turn, we roasted my older sister last week The girl said her voice soft as she grew weaker from the flames licking at her tender flesh, But your not an animal to cook, you’re a girl! Jessica said as she stood up and poked the girl's roasted breast and was surprised at how meaty it looked and delicious it smelled, WHAT THE HELL AM I THINKING? Her mind screamed, All girls in Stepford are used as meat The girl said as she closed her eyes and died. Looking at the sharp end of the spit in front of her eyes Stacey couldn't believe that she had been run though by a steel pole, Ok this ones ready for the pit Called the machine operators to Chef Jerrol as the operator made all the adjustments placing the smaller stabilizer into the meat’s anus, tying the meats hands behind its back and ankles to the end of the pole, as had been done to Jessica, Ok men pit #5 is open get this pig roasting Chef Jerrol

Read Monster Saotsuki Honey to Doukyo Seikatsu Ch. 1-3 Casado Saotsuki Honey to Doukyo Seikatsu Ch. 1-3

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