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#251747 - I continued abusing her body as she ate at my now very wet pussy bringing me closer and closer to my desired orgasm, my mind went blank from any other thoughts just the one that was happening, my body started to shake, my feelings turned so much to desire and pleasure as Lucia was now going even faster and harder at my pussy, her hands had come up to the tops of my thighs pulling her in deeper again then with what must have sounded like screams the sensation was to much and as my body started shaking more and more my orgasm was upon me and I exploded my juices flowed hard and fast, at the same time I noticed Lucia’s body was trembling also as she came for a second time seconds after me, I collapsed forward onto her body still having the feelings of the orgasm the bitch knew what she was doing as she had stunned me into a multiple orgasm I finally managed to roll off Lucia tears were streaming down her face crying and humiliated “Wait till next time bitch I haven’t done with you yet” I

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