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#366827 - I noticed that every time he leaned over me his cock brushed my face making him harder and harder at every scream this was a turn on for me so I screamed harder working myself up I started to buck forward every time he hit me with the rod , he must have noticed his erect cock rubbing my face because he started to lean forward shouting scream bitch I was getting so randy and wet between my legs I just had to suck his cock . He came to me and ran his fingers through my hair then savagely pulled my head back with his free hand he pinched my breasts and pussy I responded to the pain it was like electric all over me you dirty little bitch he yelled I only take pleaser from you I never give it which just made me hotter he dragged me over to the cross and tied my hands and ankles to the rings as he moved over me I could feel the studs pressing into my back and ass he thought he wasn't giving me any pleasure but each scratch of his cold studs made my pussy drip more juice I could feel

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