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#36500 - ” “Um sure! I would love to Lucy!” with that Lucy opened her notebook and wrote down her address and handed it to Cindy. Although she hated this routine because she always felt guilty for enjoying it she had to admit that Vera was an attractive women, she has kept her figure from 30 although she is well over 40, she’s sexy with her curves of a young women and a height of 5”7 C cup breast and her pussy was still fairly tight. Vera went over to her side table drawer and pulled out a 10 inch strap on which she put on and approached Cindy from behind she slowly put it into Cindy's pussy and smacked her ass Cindy moaned from pleasure and relief of being filled with the make-shift cock Vera pulled out slowly pushed back in hard and fast she did this multiple times before speeding up O Yea! Fuck me with Your Cock Mistress! im sorry ive been such a bad bitch please fuck me Vera grabbed Cindy's hair and began to fuck her harder and faster in response to her screams “you like this

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