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#319197 - I turned her over and turned both taps on full, he water level rose higher and I waited until she tried to sit up to keep her mouth and nose above water then I held her down, I took off my underpants to keep them dry and climbed in with her, I let her breathe a bit then a I forced her knees apart I tried to get my shaft in her, the bath was too narrow, I couldn't get the angle, my hips and her knees competed for the same space, so I pushed her head under water. Another guy asked for Angie, but he wasn't interested in Kate, only Angie would do, then another who also lost interest when told Angie was not around but the third agreed to try Kate instead so he came on over, a black guy skinny well spoken, he just wanted straight from behind and paid fifty pounds for the privilege, he just shifted her around like a doll until he could get his nine inches or so of black meat between her wet pink lips. But I figured how to mimic the effect with shall we say an over the counter drug, so w

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