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#117375 - He looked down at me a smiled as I sucked him dry I then felt fingers slide in my pussy and I knew it was Matt I looked round and he was smiling as he finger fucked my pussy hole, it felt fantastic, I felt so sexy being wanted by both men. “I’d love that!” I replied and he smiled at me and we finished our shower and made our way to the bedroom. “I’m going to cum!” He then said in an out of breath voice, “Me too!” I said as I began to cum, “Oh my god I felt you cum that time and all I can say is wow!” He replied and pumped his hot cum deep into my pussy! “Wow!” He said as he withdrew and stood looked at me standing under the running water, and walked over to me and kissed me as he one of his hands was on my hip and the other playing with my pussy, he slid his fingers over my clit and teased me.

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She is old school looks and a sexy fantasy
Its all fake