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#378918 - “From what I hear you have a very large penis, and what is most distressing is that you’re charging the girls from five to ten dollars just for the right to suck you off!” “What is so troubling about this whole affair is that some of the girls who can’t afford your price are practically going insane with lust!” “I’m sure that you realize that young girls are completely helpless when it comes to large male organs!” “You’re purposely taking advantage of them at their most vulnerable time, and I think you should be ashamed of yourself!” Ben’s head was spinning like a top as he listened to old lady Ivy rambling on! He couldn’t believe that all she was was hacked about was that he charged the little cunts for the right to suck his big fat pecker! He straightened up in his chair, and after clearing his throat offered softly, “I’m sorry about that ma’am. “Since you nearly scared the crap out of me, I’m gonna make you pay double, make it a twenty!” Knowing that it was useless to argue with

Read Macho おっとりお姉ちゃんのえっちな本性 - Original Cdmx おっとりお姉ちゃんのえっちな本性

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