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#288427 - “The point is that you did, and if I might say so, you did a very hansom job of it, I can’t think as to where you got the no-how to do such a good job, it was outstanding, never would I have considered you so proficient at it” “To be quite honest, it was my first attempt at it, I only practised what I’d been told by girlfriends, I didn’t consider that I was that good?” “Well you drain me for a few hours; that I can tell you!” “Why are you bringing this up now; is that what you want?” “No, it’s not that! How are you in bed? It’s not for me I ask?” “Dad, what are you saying, how do you mean you’re not asking for yourself?” She wasn’t sure; as to it being not he that wanted to bed her. Then came the shock, Bruce lift himself, turning he leapt backwards over her. “Your one hell of a tight fuck young lady, I only hope my daughter was the same for your old man, still he never complained, hopefully she as good as you!” “My father is not old!!” Gypsy stammered between hi

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