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#126246 - Well what’s the matter why aint you eaten? Akane heard from behind her and P-Chan jumped from the sound of this person's voice as well, Standing behind Akane was male Ranma, RANMA!! Akane screamed and jumped up to throw her arms around him, ahh huh was Ranma's answer since Akane's hold was too tight he could hardly breath, Ranma my boy Genma said as he stood up and walked over to Ranma with a roasted leg in his hand, You were delicious my boy Genma added as he stripped the leg clean and tossed the bone away. com) **************************************** Akane! Called Kasume from the kitchen of the Tendo house, Dinner is ready she added as Akane stood up from her bed where she sat for the last several hours thinking of Ranma and her final moments over the fire, Now I got to go down there try to put on a happy face and eat Ranma she said to herself quietly and started down the stairs to the kitchen.

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