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#365450 - Her eyes get wide open where did you get that from she says in a scared yet schooked voice well it looks like someone didn't turn the computer off I say waiting for her reply ok just tell me what you want James she says letting the towel drop thinking that letting me see her in her bra and panties was enough. well first I want to know why you did this then I would reveal what I wanted well since your father is berely here I need to find someone to satisfy me while he is gone come in James look at me, this body needs cock she says as she begins showing of every curve she was blessed with well that's interesting because from the sound of it; it seems like what I want will satisfy both of us James what do you mean she looks surprise I mean that when my dad is gone, the only other cock you need is mine I begin to untie my shorts and let them drop I am your stepmother James and we will not be having sex ever where the words coming out of her m

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