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#48160 - When she was recovered she said, “That was fantastic! You are the first boy to eat me! I didn’t want Holly to know that she got you first. I could tell she was thinking! Finally Debra said, “So what!” I replied, “I don’t think mom and dad would like it if they knew!” Debra asked, “So what do you want?” I replied, “Like I said! I want to fuck you!” Debra said, “No fucking way you bastard! I’m still a virgin and I’m not on the pill! You’re not going to knock me up! Go fuck someone else! Asshole!” I said, “Asshole! That’s a hell of a good idea!” Debra said, “What?” I replied, “Asshole! I’ll fuck your asshole!” Debra said, “In your dream!” I said, “Look Debra! I have a DVD of you sucking six guys off and it looked like you were really enjoying it too! I want to fuck you and I’ll settle for your ass!” Debra said, “It’ll hurt!” I smiled and said, “Probably!” Then Debra surprised me by saying, “Okay but you’ll have to wait a week! I want time to loosen

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