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#303726 - “Hi, can I help you?” I said and smiled at the girl, she simply giggled more. I slowly slid her shorts down and pushed her against the bed, she fell back with a soft squeak and looked up at me, I removed my shirt and then pulled down my night pants, my cock twitched and slowly rose, having started to stiffen when looking at Louanne, it rose to full erection as I slid my hands over Louannes ankles and spread her legs wide, she squeaked again and I began to lower and push the large head of my cock into her wet pussy, she moaned softly at first, then louder as the head spread her wide, I smirked and leaned forward, putting my weight down on her as I thrust all twelve and a half inches inside of her. “Ohmygod!” she said in one breath “You’re not going to believe our new neighbor-“ “Quiet Louanne!” peggy The two other women all shushed the girl and made her quiet down to watch from the window, after the man they were watching finished and headed in doors, the women all went home, Nanc

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