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#336130 - It was something I looked forward to each day to see the sisters set off for school, dressed in their regulation crisp white blouses, both girls nipples quite clearly visible through the material but the elder ones’ more so because of her blossoming bosom, stripy ties, and short pleated burgundy skirts. Although I think they both had the same size skirt since their waists were a similar size, but on the younger one it came to her knees, whilst on the elder sister it stopped at mid thigh and gave a fabulous view as they walked off down the road as it flicked backwards and forwards curling around her pert bum as she moved with a noticeable sway to her hips. Well I was dumbfounded, if only she knew that there was nothing I would have wanted more in the world than what she just asked! But fearing being jailed as a paedophile, I protested that I couldn’t POSSIBLY do such a thing.

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Rimuru tempest
Great girl
I love the sounds that guys make when they spunk and the sounds the girls make when they take the cum