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#277603 - Dave just lay still, letting her do all of the work, how could he do that without pounding her at the same time? I grabbed her breast that was closest to me, I bent over and started to suck her nipple, I squeezed the other one at the same time, I had never seen them so hard. I took off my own shoes and crept up the stairs to our bedroom, the door was nearly shut but I could just see my wife's naked body through the gap by the hinges. I moved to be behind my wife, I knelt down to get a great view of her gorgeous wet pussy, I moved in for a closer look, I ran my tongue along the length of her soft cunt lips several times, it felt so good, then I slowly sank my tongue inside her, she thrust her hips down on my face, it was so wet in there, I could taste the cocktail of Dave's cum and her juice.

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Yumi miyamoto
You guys are gorgeous together
Darry adai
Absolutely perfect