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#387926 - I was hypnotized by the action taking place in my back yard and I must admit my panties had become soaked with my own juices and I slowly eased my hand between my legs and with the slightest touch, it sent me into an enormous orgasm so strong I became weak in the knees and had to seek support by leaning against couch. I told him he was welcome to come over anytime to spend time with Riley as a matter of fact we're going to be out of town this coming Saturday all day and ask him if he would come over via the rear yard gate and feed and water him, he quickly agreed finished his drink and left. Kenny knelt and took Riley's cock in his hand a lowered his head as though to smell it but instead he extended his tongue and licked it, this surprised me and I instantly became wet and could not help but masturbate, it did not take long I was trembling with an overwhelming orgasm.

Read Bunda Hitozuma, Netorareru | 被強奸的人妻 - Original Sperm Hitozuma, Netorareru | 被強奸的人妻

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