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#375220 - Coco sat cross-legged in the lounge chair beside his, nonchalantly displaying her womanly assets to any who cared to look. “You’re a wicked man, Cowboy,” she giggled! “I consider your men’s response wonderfully flattering, their penises coming to attention for me, and if they don’t object if my pussy gets wet, I’ll not object to their having erections!” This open and respectful reaction from Coco earned her a loud round of ‘OOO-RAs’ and relieved laughter from the men! “I suppose I needn’t have worried if my best friends would like you, Darling,” Bill gasped out through his own laughter! The bartender came for their orders, addressing Coco first, of course, as he tried not to stare at her beautiful body. Now get your nasty fuck doll into that rain room and wash me!” She held onto his shoulders and leaped up to wrap her shapely legs around his waist.

Read Escort Henkutsu shosetsuka wa koi ni irodzuku |别扭作家的秋色恋情 Sex Massage Henkutsu shosetsuka wa koi ni irodzuku |别扭作家的秋色恋情

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