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#386139 - His other hand was rubbing my tits, pinching my, already hard nipples all same time, with his finger and tongue movements on my cunt, all of this was making me moan louder and louder until I was shaking all over, having my first orgasm. Suddenly he turned me around, got rid of my rope and picked me up easily between his hands and took me to the bedroom, laid me on bed, no more struggles from my side, I felt it was too late as he got me so wet and horny by then, and from that moment on, there was no need for any force, he was getting all his needs willingly. My best friend’s father It was a warm summer’s day when I was home alone, wearing a light transparent nightie, no panties or bra, just a comfortable thing to wear when home alone, the nightie was super short barely reaching the bottom line of my ass, topless, only an upper rubber band seem that was hanging on top of my large pair of perky tits.

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