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#14832 - she slowly lifted herself up and flopped down on the bed, i still was hard but soon i returned to normal, i took up a blanket and covered her with it and begun to dress to go out the room but she saidyou better get in this bed with me her voice sounded evil like she had something planned, i remove wat i had put on and snuggled behind her on the bed but as i put my arm around her, she jumped up and said tell me you had on a condom, i looked at her disappointedly and shook my head no. why aren't you out here, playing with us i looked up and this girl was beautiful, she maybe was older than the other others cause of the way she looked she looked, her breasts were larger, rounder and more firm and her thick round ass added greatly to her marvelous shape, a guy would get hard just by hearing her vioce. She said, use ur tongue and lick it, both out and in.

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