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#301110 - and tonight I took my 8 year old baby sister Suzie Q to the drive in movies with me I had a baby sitter for her and first the sitter copped out being sick and then my date coped out that she had a head ach damned I just couldn’t get a break I been wanting to see the flick for about two weeks. And as I watch her shake her as walking into the house sis takes my hand and says cum on baby boy you have things to do. Twenty minutes latter were in my car and on the way to the drive-in but buggers first as we stop at the A&W and get burgers, fries and cokes the car hope says hi Billy what you and Suzie doing all dressed up so I say well the sitter and my date coped out tonight so Suzie Q here is my date for the drive-in tonight the car hop going for the young stuff now uh Billy? I just say well were both tired of the house and this at least different right.

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