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#326617 - Web didn’t hold back he put his entire eight inches in his ass and just let him hurt. The room was cool and the sheets were fresh as I took him over to the bed he was starting to cry a little I just said shut up and lay down I started by pushing my dick in his mouth at first he refused but a slap on the ass change that and his mouth open up to let my dick fill his mouth up I just laid down on top of him in a 69 position and begin to suck his dick it was about 5 inches not bad He was trying to get my dick out of his mouth when I stopped and took my belt and popped his ass about three times he then got the picture, I keep hunching him till I felt my head swell and begin to let a load of cum in his mouth he choked and tried to spit my dick out but it wouldn’t go I keep hunching him. The third day Mr.

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