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#252908 - The girl’s had already selected a quiet booth and positioned me in the corner so that they could both fondle me without being observed; I had forgotten just how good they were; we laughed about the school trip to the zoo where they had both eaten my cunt in the toilets when I had pretended to be ill; and I regretted that we were no longer lovers; but I understood; their taste is for much younger pussy. In the short time it took to travel from the ground floor to her flat Amazon had managed to strip me of my blouse and skirt leaving me in just my lacy bra and heels, her fingers roughly parting my cunt lips as she forced her tongue deep into my welcoming mouth. I kissed Laura passionately and enjoyed the wonderful sensation of Kate sliding her hand under my short skirt, her fingers immediately finding that I was not wearing panties.

Read Rico (C89) [kanemasita (Kaneta)] Oji-san no Djeeta-kun (Granblue Fantasy) [English] [desudesu] - Granblue fantasy Machine Ojikun

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