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#130702 - When Marvin saw Joyce he was not in a good mood , you forgot to put in your nipple rings whore, come here, sitting on the couch & still high from the joints he put the 48yr old submissive skank over his knee & started spanking her butt til both cheeks were super red. After she cleaned to his satification he put some lube up her ass & had her fuck herself with the 12inch dildo he had his stepdad. As he continued facefucking her his cellphone rang hey Britney he said whatcha doing oh i see u just finished pissing all over your moms face (Joyces face & hair) uuuh huh & now youd like to go to the mall with some friends.

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Onpu segawa
Not bad
B.b. hood
Whats the girls name
You are fine as fuck wow
Houki shinonono
Gotta get me 2 beatiful ladies to squirt like that in my car
Koharu minami
She knows exactly how to finish a guy off