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#119368 - He grabs my hair in his fist and tells me to lie down on my back in the middle of the bed, legs open wide, eyes shut. He slowly rubs the tip of his finger down from my neck, over my chest, tummy and through my lips, I relax again in a lull of security and suddenly he grabs a hold of my left ankle, I have entertained and enjoyed the thought of being spread eagle tied and I lie back to relish the sensations, and my left arm is yanked abruptly and before I can comprehend what is happening he has tied my knee and wrist together, and then he starts on the right set. I began to squirm, not of a conscious decision, but my body now had a need of its own and my skin, my flesh shivered and trembled with need of its own volition.

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Kishou arima
Beautiful princess
Taeko minazuki
Bit rapey
Perfect as always xx