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#391471 - The wife was pretty, with a slim and fit-looking body, but it was the elder daughter who really caught my eye, she was about 14 and remarkably tall and willowy for her age, she stood about 5’8” and had an incredibly slender body which was just beginning to blossom into woman-hood, but to look at her she just took your breath away – she was by far the most beautiful girl I had ever seen, with gorgeous dark brown almond shaped eyes, perfect and finely chiselled features, long jet-black straight hair which flowed down her back to her backside, which was beginning to develop the sensual curve of adulthood. Just then I heard a car arrive at the front and she, quick as a flash, leapt to her feet, pulled her top down and her shorts up, scooped up the blanket and ran indoors – evidently she had been alone in the house, and I guessed her parents didn’t approve of sun worshipers! This was the first of many occasions over the next few weeks when I delighted in spying on her as she sun bathed,

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