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#242803 - “OH GOD, MATT!! That’s the best its ever been keep going, OH!… go until you cum…Holy shit… I want to feel you fill me up… get me pregnant even, I don’t give a damn just fill me up, OH MY GOD!!!” she shrieked as she went into her fourth orgasm of the night and as she did he canal closed in tight around my cock and I began to cum also We both collapsed, her on top of me, in the pool, the water echoing the waves of pleasure that were still rolling over us. “Oh shit,” she sighed as her body calmed all her muscles hardly able to move, “TWICE!? Twice and you haven’t even really been inside me!! How can you be this good aren’t you a virgin?” “Well yeah,” I said, “but that doesn’t mean I don’t know anything about sex” “Well you’ve proved that, don’t stop now,” she pleaded. “Oh my god, keep rubbing there matt, OH MY GOD!!!,” she yelled as she placed her hands on my head pressing it into her breast.

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