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#296265 - “So there are two private massage rooms for clients who want a proper, more traditional massage, lily’s using the other one at the moment but I can show you this one”, Kendra suggested as she opened the door that leads into a small but beautifully furnished massage room, there was a large table in the center with selves adorned with all sorts of oils and scented candles, a large black changing screen at one end and an elegant full-length mirror at the other. “ what about the blonde over there?, she looks like she would give a great massage”, the other one asked loudly before they both laughed, his distinctly American accent caught my attention as well as his almost charcoal-colored skin. “ Mmmmm, fucking gorgeous girl, now take them bottoms of, I cant wait to see that big ass” he lustfully demanded I gave him another cheeky smile, throwing my shirt to the floor, my hands travelling down my bare stomach slowly, making him wait a bit longer before I dug my fingers into the waistban

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Shinobu tsukiyama
London cab in the rural czechia it was a distant journey
Need to taste that
He looked at her like he hated her
Pretty hard for only 6 mins