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#281188 - when he pulled out and shot 3 long jets of cum, the first hitting my face, then my boobs, and stomach, Kaplan moved up and put his cock in my mouth and told me to suck it clean. Kaplan got off me pulled his shorts on reached down and rubbed my cunt saying I can rest a while if I want, he opened the door and left, I laid there and dozed off for a couple of seconds when I realized someone was coming down the stairs, looked up to see Kaplan had left the door open and there I was laying spread eagle naked on the bed, before I could move one of the girl from the trip was standing there looking at me, she smiled big and said nice trip right?, she turned and went in to the restroom, I got up and pulled my bikini bottoms on and started to leave just as she came out, she look at me and very politely said ‘’you have some sperm in your hair’’ and walked up the stairs, I went on deck and grabbed a beer, and sat down I could feel the cum running out of me, we stopped at small beach island, eve

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