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#405644 - She quickly sat down at the kitchen table and opened her messenger and typed a quick message to her master Megan: I’m back sir… Dominatus: So I see, do you remember our conversation this morning? I was hoping you wouldn’t disappoint me again young lady! Megan: What have I done now? I got back on time! Dominatus: What you have done now you stupid fucking slut is turn up looking like a drowned rat, half dressed and don’t even have the sense to call me sir! Megan shivered as she realised her mistake, and started to type her explanation about her mum calling when she got another reply Dominatus: You will be punished Megan, don’t make it worse! Megan stopped typing and just looked sadly into the screen Dominatus: Go into the kitchen and get some olive oil Hurrying in case he decided to punish her further Megan quickly returned with the bottle of oil and sat back down Dominatus: Now cover your fingers in the oil and push then into your asshole…I want you to star

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