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#229702 - We are an old couple now and do not do all of the wild and crazy things we use to! I still want to but she not so much anymore! Part is do to health problems and has gained some weight and this has not helped! But I cannot complain, If I never get another blow job or hot piece of bound ass I will still be so far ahead of most men that it is not even funny! She (My Wife) when we first dated was so young naive (Stupid her words I prefer to think of her as being very naive as to what might or could happen) as she was so innocently horny, and believe me I took full advantage of it! She has told me on several occasions that I got her when she was young and trained her just the way I wanted, but then she was very willing and quite trainable! When we were first married I thought everybody did what we did! But have since come to the conclusion that we were the exception and not the rule! She called me master long before it was the norm.

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