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#269119 - I walk to the back to see how well she has done and she probably had about 20 pairs of panties laying on the floor beside her and she was still licking pussy I pat her head and tell her she’s a good girl. I kiss Sammy on the neck to wake her and she wakes with a smile on her face I tell her breakfast will be here shortly and she tells me that she has something else in mind for her breakfast and puts her lips to my cock and starts to suck me off swirling her tongue around my head and shaft. We arrive at the club she get out and I hook the leash to her collar and lead her in I take her to sit in the back corner in this chair and leave her there.

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Reiko tamura
Jajajaja que mamadas ni es el uniforme reglamentario ni las dejan andar desarregladas ni menos con el cabello suelto
Sora takenouchi
Interesting idea i think this is project good