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#344200 - She gasped at this odd new feeling – the girl briefly worrying that in all the excitement she had somehow wet herself – but the teen quickly realising that this was different sort of wetness; it felt nice, it felt right, it felt sexy! She concentrated on this slimy heat and began to enjoy the slick feeling, the hotness below now a pleasant addition to the new tingles of excitement she felt all over her body as her finger flicked back and forth over her erect breast, each pass working to heighten the once dull ache low in Rachel’s crotch into a burning fire of sexual need. Her hidden finger, now shaking with anticipation, touched lightly at the soft, slick warmth of her young body, the tip teasing tingling parts of her that she had never explored before, parts of her that she was aware existed but she had never considered to discover until now. This was Miss Taylor’s first year teaching at the girl’s sixth form school as a newly qualified English Literature teacher.

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